To highlight the stories of America's Greatest Heroes, honoring their courage and valor above and beyond the call of duty.
To ensure that this Country's Heroes ARE NOT forgotten.

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So One Day The Sacrifices made by our bravest warriors will lead us to lasting PEACE and not be in vain.


• To align ourselves with those who share our vision;
• To tell the stories America needs to hear;
• To inspire hope, courage and confidence in the hearts and minds of the people.
• To honor and celebrate courage, bravery and foster the spirit of patriotism among the people


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"We as Americans owe each other a sacred duty to hold high the values that United the States and brought us all together as One Nation."

In that spirit the Medal of Honor recipients, veterans and military personnel, proudly salute our sponsors and supporters in advance for making this exhibit possible. Those who must lead America into the future MUST understand the value of the freedom and peace that many fought and died for. This program was created to be a platform for resurrecting the spirit of selflessness and humility among the leaders of today. -Col(Ret) Don "Doc" Ballard


We humbly invite you to be a part of this incredible event

The Story

The Triumphant Spirit Foundation, Inc. created this exhibit beacause; Our Nations highest military decoration for valor has a story to tell that Americans need to hear. We want to educate the public as well as celebrate the MOH Legacy through the use of photographs, narratives, videos, speeches, and interviews. We will also provide other educational materials such as books, CDs and MP3s to help inform the public.

The Future of America is In Our Hands.

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